Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Spring Time!

I love spring, I love the smell of it, the days when you can begin to feel the warmth of the sun again, the spotting of the first robins and the first worms! Spring is all about new beginnings and new growth and we are keeping up with the season around here. We have so many new things happening around here.

The first and most exciting is that we have expanded our store so that we now have a dedicated area for Alterations. So they now happen right here everyday that we are here. Our fabulous seamstress Paulita came to us looking for a new beginning and when we discussed expanding so that we could have an alterations department her enthusiasm and excitement just put us over the edge on making the decision. So if you still need to make your appointment to have your wedding gown or bridesmaids dress altered you can call her directly at 248-714-5698. She also does outside alterations so even if you didn't buy your dress from us you can still come in for alterations.

We also picked up a new line to feature in the store. We are going to be adding Enzoani bridal gowns to our list of fabulous designers! The dresses are just beautiful and what really sold me are all of the options you get with them! We have quite the reputation for being able to customize wedding gowns so in looking for a new line I only wanted to work with a designer that was willing to make changes to their gowns and once I had been turned on to Enzoani I couldn't turn them off! I think their gowns are so gorgeous and have such a couture feel! I can't wait for you all to see them. I will let you know when I nail down a Trunk show date.

Here is a sneak peak at a few of the gowns we will have in the store within the next few months.

Amazing right?! And the best part is that all of the belts are interchangeable and can easily be worn again! I had a few of them on yesterday while I was trying to decide which dresses to order!

The Third exciting piece of news I have is that Gina's Bridal has been chosen to host the Fall 2011 Anjolique gowns for the next month. We are the only store in the Country who has this opportunity! These gowns will not be revealed to other stores until Bridal Market in April! So if you want to get a first look at these beautiful dresses book an appointment right away! They are only here for a limited time. I promise I will upload some images when I receive them.

So as you can see we are BUSY around here and to top it off Bridal Season is right around the corner! Time flies when you're having fun right?!

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