Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Sample Sale

Spring has arrived and so has spring cleaning! Join us April 5th-April 7th for our annual Spring Sample Sale! Dresses are marked to go from 30%-75% off! This is a sale you are not going to want to miss! Call or Email today for your appointment!

**Dresses are sold on an "as is" basis. Repairs, cleaning and alterations are not included in pricing and are the customers responsibility. We cannot hold dresses they are first come first serve. All sample gowns must be paid in full at time of purchase.**

Thursday, October 27, 2011

1000th Bride!!!!

With just a few weeks to go until we celebrate our 6th Anniversary I am happy to announce that we have sold our 1000th wedding gown this past Saturday. We had decided a few months ago that the 1000th bride to purchase her dress would get the ultimate gift of her gown on the house! I did not think that Saturday was going to be the day but we had a really busy day and I started getting so excited as each dress sold got us closer and closer to 1,000. At the end of the day we surprised a lucky bride with the news. She was over the moon with excitement as were all of us!

It's amazing to look back and think that we have been included in such a huge moment in a woman's life. Choosing your wedding gown is something that, I have learned, you just never forget. So thank you to all the brides who have blessed our lives and we look forward to many many more brides in the future!

Congratulations Jen! I am so excited for you and hope this adds that much more to such a special time in your life!!!

Here are a few photos that captured the moment we told her...Priceless!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Spring Time!

I love spring, I love the smell of it, the days when you can begin to feel the warmth of the sun again, the spotting of the first robins and the first worms! Spring is all about new beginnings and new growth and we are keeping up with the season around here. We have so many new things happening around here.

The first and most exciting is that we have expanded our store so that we now have a dedicated area for Alterations. So they now happen right here everyday that we are here. Our fabulous seamstress Paulita came to us looking for a new beginning and when we discussed expanding so that we could have an alterations department her enthusiasm and excitement just put us over the edge on making the decision. So if you still need to make your appointment to have your wedding gown or bridesmaids dress altered you can call her directly at 248-714-5698. She also does outside alterations so even if you didn't buy your dress from us you can still come in for alterations.

We also picked up a new line to feature in the store. We are going to be adding Enzoani bridal gowns to our list of fabulous designers! The dresses are just beautiful and what really sold me are all of the options you get with them! We have quite the reputation for being able to customize wedding gowns so in looking for a new line I only wanted to work with a designer that was willing to make changes to their gowns and once I had been turned on to Enzoani I couldn't turn them off! I think their gowns are so gorgeous and have such a couture feel! I can't wait for you all to see them. I will let you know when I nail down a Trunk show date.

Here is a sneak peak at a few of the gowns we will have in the store within the next few months.

Amazing right?! And the best part is that all of the belts are interchangeable and can easily be worn again! I had a few of them on yesterday while I was trying to decide which dresses to order!

The Third exciting piece of news I have is that Gina's Bridal has been chosen to host the Fall 2011 Anjolique gowns for the next month. We are the only store in the Country who has this opportunity! These gowns will not be revealed to other stores until Bridal Market in April! So if you want to get a first look at these beautiful dresses book an appointment right away! They are only here for a limited time. I promise I will upload some images when I receive them.

So as you can see we are BUSY around here and to top it off Bridal Season is right around the corner! Time flies when you're having fun right?!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bouquet Alternatives

Today I received an email from one of our brides with photos of her looking amazing in her gown. Robyn is a jewelry artist and made all her own jewelry for the wedding and then commisioned a local glass blower to make her bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets! How cool is that?! I was so inspired by this I decided to look into some other bouquet alternatives to flowers.

Here is Robyn in her San Patrick Wedding gown and hand blown glass bouquet!

Some other bouquet alternatives. The top three are all from From the left: a hand cut paper bouquet, a felt bouquet and a fabric rose bouquet. The bottom three consist of Felt and Buttons, A crystal and wire bouquet in the shape of a heart and a vintage brooch bouquet.

And of course you know my absolute favorite ladies from Emplume make the most fabulous non-floral bouquets. The bouquet on the left is the bouquet from my wedding! The center bouquet is made with the most beautiful Champagne colored feathers and the far right photo is from a vegan wedding made from all recycled paper!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Best in Detroit

We have been nominated again! Thanks to you, of course. The last 4 years in a row we have come in 2nd place and this year we want to win! So please vote for us, have your bridesmaids vote for us, and anyone else you know who loves shopping in our store! Thanks in advance and I have a feeling this year is going to be our year!

Love to you all!!

We're Competing badge

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stella makes it big!

Our little store mascot Stella has got the national recognition she deserves! haha!
Check out this article from

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ties that don't suck....

...that's the tag line for an store called ToyBreaker, and that is one true statement. In our world we don't focus too much on the boys, which they very graciously understand. However, when I saw these ties I just had to share them with all of our brides.
Cyberoptix Tie Lab is a Detroit based company makes custom ties to suit just about any color palette or theme. And they are super reasonable. If you are looking for ties for your groomsmen check out this site.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cute Gift for your Guy!

So they say the first step is admitting you have a here it is I am addicted to Etsy. haha! Seriously though I LOVE this website. First of all I love the quality of everything I have ever ordered from there and secondly I love being able to support USA artisans. rocks. If you haven't been on it you should check it out but beware because you will get hooked!

Anyway while I was crusing on Etsy today I found these really cute collar stays. Now I am sure you are thinking Who cares about collar stays? But most of our hubby's or hubby's-to-be have to go to work in business attire which means if you are anything like me everytime you do the laundry you find these things in the dryer! Well these super adorable collar stays can have a special message put on them. How cute would it be to secretly put these in your guys shirt and let him find them, or because our better halves are not always that observant, you could slip a note somewhere he would find it and tell him there is a secret under his collar. I love it! I am totally going to order these for my husband.

Stainless Steel Collar Stays

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Join us this Sunday April 18th!

Hello Ladies (and any gents that also read my blog), We are participating in the 2010 Spring Bridal Show at the Howell Opera House this Sunday, April 18th. If you would like to join us for some freebies and fun as well as wedding planning ideas and vendors, like yours truly :-) Print out this flyer and get 2 free tickets. I hope to see many of your familiar faces at the show. Come and visit us, really what do you have to's free!

Flower Power!

The hottest trend in bridal fashions right now are FLOWERS from head to toe! And we aren't talking about your Granny's silk flowers. Today's flowers are made from the finest fabrics and we love them most when they are made out of feathers! Adding flowers to a simple dress is an easy way to add some personality. You can make a dress totally romantic and a little bit whimsical by adding flowers. These types of gowns are perfect for an outdoor ceremony or a summer wedding. If you don't want to commit to having flowers on your dress it is always amazing as a hair accessory or how fantastic are these shoes?!

You will even find bridesmaids dresses with the beautiful blooms on them! From the left: Bridesmaid Dress, Flower Headband, Bridesmaid Dress, Bridesmaid Dress, Flower Necklace, Bridesmaid Dress
So now that you have seen how Fabulous flowers can be and you want to add some to your dress don't hesitate to let me know. Customizing your wedding dress to be unique to you is one of my absolute favorite things to do!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feeling Blue....

With Wedding Season in full swing I am sure many of you are thinking about those last minute items. Like bridesmaids gifts, your accessories and the traditional Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue...So as a little inspiration of what you could do to add some blue into your wedding day, I picked a few photos to start your thinking.

But first I know you might be wondering "what is the significance of the Something Blue?"

Blue has been connected to weddings for centuries. In ancient Rome brides wore
blue to symbolize Love, modesty and fidelity. Christianity has long dressed the
Virgin Mary in blue, so purity was associated with the color. Before the late 19th
Century, Blue was the most popular color for wedding gowns! As evidenced in the
proverbs like "Marry in Blue, Lover be true"

Necklace, Purse, Shoes, Earrings, Compact, Cocktail Ring, Panties, Hair Flower
Forget the french pedicure and go for blue on your toes!

So be sure to add something blue to your wedding day, it may just be a silly superstition but in today's day and age we can all use any extra help we can get!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photos from the Vegan Chic wedding!

A few weeks ago I blogged about a Vegan wedding I was helping my good friend Shannon from Emplume with and I wanted to share a few of the photos I took. I took these with my phone so I am sorry that the quality isn't the greatest.

These were the centerpieces on all the tables. All the paper used was recycled paper and the base you see under the vase was a slice of wood from a tree.

The cans on the tables had tea lights in them to light up the hole punched table numbers and different designs each one of them had. The brides grandfather made each one of these by hand. I think she told me it took him almost 3 months to do all of them!
This was the groom's boutonniere, made out of the same recycled paper as the brides bouquet
The Card boxThe place cards
And last but not least the bride! Wearing a custom made hemp gown.
It really was so fascinating to me to spend the day with not only such nice and caring people. But people who are so environmentally and socially conscious. I learned what a huge responsibility Kim and her Husband Tom take on by being Vegan. I really had no idea all that it involved. Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. It truly was a unique and memorable experience and thank you for all that you do to make the world a happier and more beautiful place.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Perfect Palette!

So since of of my best friends got engaged I have been a little wedding obsessed (yes even more than normal!) and I have been looking for inspiration to share with her for her destination wedding. When she told me she was thinking of the color Coral for the bridesmaids I immediately hit Google images for wedding inspiration in that color and stumbled upon this great website that I thought would be really helpful to our brides. It's call The Perfect Palette and they have some really fun and unique color combinations as well as lots of inspiration photos. So if you're having a hard time coming up with a color combination or just need some help visualizing the colors you're thinking together go to this blog, trust me you won't be disappointed!

Here are some of the inspiration colors that came up when I was looking for my friend Cherie.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Vegan Chic!!!

A few weeks ago my dear friend Shannon of Emplume asked me to help her with her brother in law and soon to be sister in law's wedding. The couple are Vegan's so all the decor, favors and even the wedding dress are made from eco-friendly products. I even got to sample some Vegan beer last was pretty tasty! When I got to Shannon's house yesterday I was stunned at all of the beautiful things she had put together. The bouquet is amazing, made out of all recycled paper.
I had no idea what to expect but leave it to Shannon to be able to make just about anything into something Fabulous! I am really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together on Friday and to post some more pictures...hopefully I can snap a few shots of the bride in her custom made Hemp wedding gown!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Bride Allison is featured in The Knot!

One of our favorite bride's Allison was recently featured in The Knot Michigan for her fabulous wedding. Check out the online link to some more of her photos and their story. Allison & Matt were married at Heavenly Scent Herb Farm on a gorgeous September day. Their amazing photos were taken by Ksenija Savic who captured their day in a sort of fairy tale way. It is alway so fun to see familiar faces in our local bridal Magazines and makes us so proud to have been a part of their day!